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  • Layer by Layer #2 - Switch case, Toys, and a must have Tape Clip

Layer by Layer #2 - Switch case, Toys, and a must have Tape Clip

Print-In-Place Working Jeep & Giant Concrete Statue

Welcome back to Layer by Layer, where we purge the nozzle from the boring prints, leaving you with only the coolest ideas, this week, I have some very exciting models for you.

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🎨 Models

Who can say no to a new fidget toy, especially when it’s print-in-place.

No supports2:30h print

Not only is this model highly detailed and accurate - but it also works with moving wheels right off the printer! (well, after you cut a few tiny clips)

No supportsPrint-in-place7h print

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Pimp up your Switch dock with this beautiful cover ⚔️

No supports10h+ print


A fully printed clip to cut and store tape without wasting time looking for the end of the tape!

No supports20m print

🚀 Innovations

Learn how to you can 3D print custom colors with markers, this seems like it shouldn’t work, but it somehow does

👽 The Occasional Benchy

If you ever get bored of the normal benchy, here’s a fancier one that also floats in water!

No supports4h print

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