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  • Layer by Layer #3 - Fidgety Zipper, NASA Moon & A Proposal!

Layer by Layer #3 - Fidgety Zipper, NASA Moon & A Proposal!

How Can 3D Printed Be Used to Propose Marriage?

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🎨 Models

No supports10h print

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This is one of my favorite fidget toys to print, assemble and play. It has an ingenious method of using the standard 1.75mm filament as an axis.

No supportsRequires assembly2h print

If you’re feeling brave, give this print a try. It’s a lithophane made from actual photos of the moon taken by NASA. The model also has a bunch of variations to fit around different light fixtures

No supports20h+ print

Excellent print to fix a broken backpack, and an even better one to justify buying a 3D printer after you told yourself: “Yeah, I’ll totally use this to fix things around the house” 🛠️ 

With supports1h print


It’s always annoying when the end of a roll of filament gets loose, and now you have to worry there’s a knot that you’ll notice only when the print is just about to finish. This filament clip will help you to keep the end of the filament in place, regardless of the roll type.

No supports10m print

🚀 Innovations

What could be a more romantic way to propose than a 3D-printed array of mirrors? Join Ben Bartlett on his adventure with love, trigonometry, and 3D printing as he explains how he designed and 3D printed a mirror array that spells out “MARRY ME?” when reflecting the sun. Click here to read the full story and see the calculations, code, and models.

👽 The Occasional Benchy

Do you have a Benchy lying around? Do you want to give it a new and exciting adventure? Print this Benchy at sea model to allow it to roam in the open seas 🌊 

No supports3.5h print

❤️ Post-Print

I really enjoyed writing this post, especially reading the incredible proposal story. It took me 4 hours to compile this list of models, so if this post inspired you, help LBL and refer a friend or share it.

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