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  • Layer by Layer #4 - Barbenheimer Popcorn Bucket & Pocket Fan

Layer by Layer #4 - Barbenheimer Popcorn Bucket & Pocket Fan

3D printed way to cool yourself this summer

In this week’s Layer by Layer curation of curious prints, we’ll tackle the Barbie vs Oppenheimer debate, look at new ways to cool in the summer, and create GCode using Excel (?!)

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🎨 Models

Having a hard time deciding what to watch first, Oppenheimer or Barbie? Worry no more with this popcorn bucket that will make everyone mad.

When I saw this model, this quote came into my mind: “Your scientists were so preoccupied with whether or not they could, they didn't stop to think if they should.” - Jurrasic Park

Foldable Hanger
No supports5h print

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This contour tool is used to measure shapes and angles. The slats are free moving, allowing them to fit around complex shapes

No supportsAssembly Required4h print

There's nothing more appropriate for these scorching hot days than a 3D-printed hand fan!

No supports10h print


Owning a 3D printer often involves handling many screws, and sorting them out can be tedious. This model lets one quickly check an ISO metric screw thread screw size.

No supports2h print

🚀 Innovations

Have you ever modeled in Excel? How about Python? Now you can!

In 3dprinterchat’s excellent article on FullControl, they explain parametric GCode generation. Instead of modeling a 3D object, then slicing it into layers in a slicer, FullControl allows you to create GCode instructions yourself.

This basic concept enables you to manually control the nozzle's movement and so customize the parameters of each layer generating intricate geometry.

The utility is available as an Excel file and as a Python library.

❤️ Post-Print

If you’re a nerd like me, you might be interested in LK-99 a potential room-temperature superconductor. A unique composition that might allow the manufacturing of conductors with zero resistance at room temperature. If this material has the properties its founder says it has, it will change the world.

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