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  • Layer by Layer #5 - Collapsing Pirate Sword and Emergency Die

Layer by Layer #5 - Collapsing Pirate Sword and Emergency Die

How Can You Make an Embroidery Benchy?

Welcome to another Layer by Layer post, where we ignite your inspiration for 3D printing 🚀 

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🎨 Models

While being a very cool print, this collapsing sword model has two disadvantages:

  1. It is a print-in-place, so it requires your printer to be calibrated.

  2. Kids You will break it. But it’s ok, you can print another!

Collapsing Pirate Sword (Print in Place) by 3DPRINTINGWORLD

It’s Friday night, and you made plans with your friends to play a board game, but OH NO, you’re missing once die!

Emergency Dice KIT CARD by Watchyasix
No supports15m print

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 NoBridgeScript: The Typeface Designed for the Third Dimension by goodjob

This is a neat idea - a specialized typeface for 3D printing text. The magic sauce here is that all overhang angles are 45 degrees max, allowing you to print them without support.

No supports
No supports2h print


Mantis Clamp by zuberio

This print-in-place clamp can help you when soldering or assembling parts.

No supports2:30h print

🚀 🛥️ Innovations & The Occasional Benchy

User NagyBig on Reddit posted a video on how to make sowable threads using a 3D printer. This post shows how a 3D-printed cylinder printed in vase mode can be unfurled into a sewing thread.

What can be the use of this? Not sure. Is it interesting? Hell yeah!

❤️ Post-Print

This humid summer, I was once again reminded of the importance of drying filament

Filament tower

Prusa Mini Temptower for PLA, PETG and ABS