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Layer by Layer #6 - Printable Velcro & Astronaut Wall Art

Making art from overhang lines

In this week’s Layer by Layer, we’ll look at an airplane kit, astronaut wall art, and a war benchy.

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🎨 Models

This kit card will let you assemble your own Fokker Dr.1 triplane

Kit card plane (REPAIRED VERSION) by Vojta Požár
No supports8h print

This print uses overhang lines as a new way to create art

 Layers String Art by 3DPrintBunny
No supports5h print

A simple way to store your card game, and since the model is parametric, it means you can customize it to your needs.

 Card Game Keeper Reloaded (Parametric) by bnorick
No supports6h print

4. Out Space wall art by mishkin2

Out Space wall art by mishkin2
No supports1h print


The best way to protect your 3D prints is with a warning sign, why not print it as well?

3D printer warning sign MSLA (Remix) by georgmierau
No supports1h print

🚀 Innovations

This innovative model allows you to print a velcro-like structure!

Printable Velcro by MM Printing
No supports40m print

🛥️ The Occasional Benchy

Sometimes, all you need is a battle benchy. You know, for your soul.

Battle Benchy by DecoTOAST
No supports2h print