Layer by Layer #7 - Elephant Photo & Batman 🦇

Printing on Fabric Will Make Your Life Easier

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🎨 Models

Elephant Frame by Bamingo Design
No supports13h print
Batman 89/92 bust by Eastman
No supports24h+ print
Flexible Bone keychain by bigovereasy
No supports1h print

Try this innovative way to showcase your (2D) printed photos

 Floating photo frame by Tosh
No supports1h print


Some models are made of a lot of separate pieces, printing them on a fabric can make orienting much easier!

🚀 Innovations

How 3D Printing Changed This Dog's Life!

🛥️ The Occasional Benchy

Now that you have so many benchys, why not display them in this benchy themed display?

Benchy Benchy Storage Shelf by n3rding
No supports10h print