Layer by Layer #8 - a Rainy Print & F-35 Model

Can Another Opposable Thumb Help?

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🎨 Models

This one is a bit tricky to print (and to render!) but it sure is unique.

Safe from the Rain by 3DPrintBunny
No supports8h print

For all you motorcycle riders, this print will cool you in the summer ❄️ 

Body Air Intake (Riding a Motorcycle) by vicesat
No supports4h print

This print uses color changes between shades of grey to achieve a fantastic depth effect, so while it is flat, color changes make it pop to life 💀 

Playing Music in the frame by Don Matis
No supports4h print

After being in an airshow, hearing an F-35 whooshing over my head, and feeling my organs shake, I knew I had to print one.

. Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II JSF (UPDATE) by thomveen
No supports, gluing required8h print


3D Printed Airless Tyres

🚀 Innovations

How would our have looked if we had 6 fingers? This 3D print explores adding another opposable thumb.

🛥️ The Occasional Benchy

3dBenchy aquarium bubbler by darian
No supports40m print

❤️ Post-Print

I hope you enjoyed this post. I’m always thrilled to see new models and innovations in the 3D printing community.

As you might have noticed, the posts will be once every two weeks. This should leave you plenty of time for long prints and to send us pictures of the results 😉